SpiritualBytes is a project by Rich and Margo Hay.

It is our hope that you will grow and deepen your spirituality by spending time Visualizing the Spirit!


This project was born out of an insight and follow on discussion we had during a recent retreat we attended just before our 30th wedding anniversary last week.

The retreat leader, Sister Rose Marie Tulacz (SND), shared several videos with the retreat participants that included music and photos that she had taken over the last 20 years or so.

We decided that between the collection of digital photos we have put together over the years, the technical skills to produce simple videos plus a website, the beautiful words from scripture and insightful reflections that we could do something similar to those engaging videos we were shown during the retreat.

So last Saturday afternoon, on our back porch, we brainstormed domain names and within just a couple of minutes we came up with as our new site’s name and the tag Visualizing the Spirit!

The name comes from the connection of visualizing the spirit but using modern technologies to do so – thus the spelling of the word bytes instead of bites.

From there we have sketched out the humble beginnings of this website and what it will offer.

Initially there will be a scripturally based video reflection weekly which will be accompanied by a written reflection and/or a suggestion to incorporate into your own daily spiritual activities.

It is our prayer that these short retreats into the beauty that surrounds us and the scriptures will refresh you as you continue your own spiritual journey.


Rich & Margo
31 March 2014